Get notify when people add a listing

November 3, 2013

You can get email notification when a cofounder posts a listing in your location. Here is the steps for how to setup. Login to your member area Click “Subscription” Select the location which you want to monitor and click save. Then you will receive email notification when any user posts an ad in the given […]

Why we are different?

November 2, 2013

I used many other websites to find cofounder but none of them can help me. Hence, I start my own website get help other to find cofounder. I really hope that we can help you to find the prefect match. Here is what I found on the other websites: Craigslist Everybody post ad there but […]

Welcome To!

Do you want to get a technical co-founder? Do you want to have another people to share the work load? Do you want to get a second opinion on your decision? Do you want to have somebody to walk with you on this startup path? etc. You are coming to the right place. I tried […]